Aleister Crowley, Jimmy Page and the Curse of Led Zeppelin-When Myth, Magick and Weird Facts Collide

The curse of Led Zeppelin. People started to whisper about this in the late seventies. Nobody had any particular facts. But when Zeppelin drummer John Bonham died in September 1980, things started to pick up. So—is there anything to this so called Led Zeppelin “curse”? Nonsense, right? Let’s see…

mathers  aleister-crowley2 JimmyPage

Most of the curse talk is centered around the little understood late 19th century magician, Aleister Crowley. To say the word magician in the 21st century conjures up images of David Blaine or David Copperfield working illusions. In the late 1800’s, there existed a different kind of magician. These guys were serious-unlocking dimensions, communication with extra terrestial intelligences, communication with the dead, thought teleportation, spirit photography-spooky stuff, and grounded in science. The spiritualist movement was huge at this time, and though many charlatans inhabited the terrain, making the public think this was all some tomfoolery, others knew better. (Read up on the influence of Helena Blavatsky in the spiritual movement and Theosophy). Much of this work was centered in England around the Golden Dawn Society. Founded by Samuel Liddell MacGregor Mathers in the late 1880’s, it was a secret society based loosely on Freemasonry, and like the Masons, had access to ancient secret Egyptian knowledge…supposedly. Their intent wasn’t evil or underhanded, they knew that humans had unlimited potential, and had vast untapped reservoirs waiting to be discovered. In short, they wanted mankind to rise up to a higher level of consciousness and awareness, not bad aspirations. They attracted high society intellectuals (William Butler Yeats was an early member), but infighting for control of the group, and a new member, Aleister Crowley, caused rifts that tore the group apart. . By the early 1900’s, the group had splintered into several sects and Crowley was off on his own.

The salacious aspects of Crowley are the easiest to locate in books and internet articles: copious use of drugs and sex. Lots and lots of sex. And sex while on drugs. Lots and lots of drugs. You get the idea. His life is far too much to cover here, but suffice it to say, Crowley continued on an esoteric magical path that continued to confound and mystify-and push the boundaries of understanding of the unseen further than anyone in the last 200 years. (he is indirectly responsible for Scientology, but was long dead when L Ron Hubbard foisted that scam onto the public). He became known as the master magician of the early 20th century-part devil incarnate or part receptacle of interdimensional knowledge? It was easy to find both opinions.


Enter Rock n Roll. From Beatle-esque good times to the psychedelic movement was a scant three years. Fans and bands were looking for something further. LSD and a rainbow of other drugs gave the insight that there actually was something further out there. Bands started to get weird and fans got weirder as the sixties shifted into 1970. It was around this time that Jimmy Page began to have a large fixation with Aleister Crowley. His bookstore he financed, The Equinox, was named after a Crowley journal, and it stocked some seriously rare and pricey occult books. One of the first public mentions of Crowley came in a February 1970 Melody Maker interview with Page which noted a large amount of Crowley memorabilia in his house. (in February 1970 Plant was nearly killed in a single car crash, requiring some performances in a wheelchair, then two months later Plant’s Aston Martin fell on him while he was working under it, crushing his ribs. Hmm)

This is the time when supposedly Page asked the band to perform a magical ritual with him, a ritual that would bring the band power unimaginable and something akin to everlasting life. Now for anyone who has heard or talked to people “in the know”, this kind of magic is nothing to fool with. It supposedly involves forces with powers beyond any human imagination, and is not to be trifled with by anyone not steeped in mountains of experience, certainly not for novice magi or stoned guitarists.(The oracle at Delphi giving mixed prophecies is a good ancient example).  Blame hubris, blame drugs, but Page allegedly got the band, minus one, to join in this solemn and ancient ceremony. Jon Paul Jones was either skeptical enough or learned enough to stay far away.


The first evidence of this pact showed up on Led Zeppelin III. It was years before I discovered its exixtence. Between the end of  the last song and the paper label is the outro groove. (this is where matrix numbers used by the pressing plant are usually located).  Written into the vinyl (carved with a stylus into the test pressing acetate more correctly) was So Mote it Be on one side and Do What Thou Wilt on the other. These are basic stock phrases that are in the core of Crowley’s belief system, and are familiar to most who are aware of him. The magical significance of a Crowley power phrase spinning simultaneously on thousands of turntables across the  world could not have escaped Page’s notice. (colleagues of this era say he most certainly was a member of the O.T.O. at this point)


It was on Led Zeppelin IV that the symbolism became more overt. No band name or title graced the cover or spine. Inside, a haunting painting of the hermit, a powerful tarot card symbol, was the sole image. On the innersleeve-more esoterica. Four symbols boldy across the sleeve. From left to right, these represent Page, Jones, Bonham and Plant. Page has said in interviews that most of these were taken Rudolf Koch’s 1955 Book of Signs, a collection of ancient and magical symbols from across the world. Plant’s is the easiest to decipher, the feather of truth from the Egyptian goddess Ma’at. Plant brought the truth and spoke it. Bonhams’s is the least esoteric-depending on who you believe it is either a symbol for a drumkit, the family unit, or the Ballantine Beer logo. Wise pundits refer to the latter as most likely. Jon Paul Jones’ logo, likely chosen by Page, is an ancient Celtic symbol with differing meanings and was co-opted by the early Christian church as a meaning for Trinity. The famed Zoso symbol is harder to pin down. Page famously has said he will never tell anyone what it means, but that it has obvious magical and occult significance. Robert Plant once said that in a quietly guarded moment, Page revealed the full meaning of all four signs, including a lengthy discussion of what Zoso meant. Unfortunately for the rock world, Plant said “I was a bit wasted at the time, and by the next morning I had forgotten. I asked him the next day to tell me again and he said he couldn’t/wouldn’t”

denny denny 2

Even Sandy Denny of Fairport Convention, the ethereal voice on Battle of Evermore got her own symbol (cue foreshadowing music here) in the credits. Her symbol is related to both godhead and the power of the female.

Image result for page at boleskine
                                                                    Page at Boleskine

(Diet) Coke and Sympathy: Young Lust

                                 Page and Miss Pamela

Boleskine House - Wikipedia

                                            Boleskine -appropriately creepy

Image result for page at boleskine
                                                                After the fire

That is a lot of esoteric ballyhoo, but where is the curse? According to Pamela des Barres, groupie extraordinaire and main squeeze of Page during this era, Jimmy got very deep into the Crowley myth, tasking her to scour San Francisco and Los Angeles for Crowleyania. She managed to come up with some impressive artifacts, manuscripts and even the magical robes Crowley wore. Then in 1970 Page dropped a large chunk of change to acquire Crowley’s mansion, Boleskine, located on Loch Ness. Page said that the house had a history of suicides, which was true. London magazine Disc and Music Echo featured a cover story in their April 22, 1972 issue entitled ‘Jimmy Page on Magic’  “My house used to belong to Aleister Crowley, I knew that when I moved in. Magic is very important if people can go through it. I think Crowley’s completely relevant to today. We’re still seeking for truth, the search goes on.” This was  now a serious obsession, but he managed to keep it fairly quiet above boards. Visitors to Boleskine said that at dusk, the outdoor patio was awash with shadows-phantoms and ghostly shapes, residue of decades of conjuring and whatnot. Whatever you believe, maids and servants were a quick turnover in employment, as all agreed the place was haunted to the point of being uninhabitable and beyond creepy. (Page sold it in 1992, and had been wary of actually living there, leaving a caretaker in his stead-spending only six weeks living there out of the 22 years he owned it. The place burned in 2016 with no cause ever found)


Enter Kenneth Anger, Crowley disciple and filmmaker. He was a noted underground filmmaker, drug taker and subversive. When Abbie Hoffman and Jerry Rubin hatched a plan to exorcise and levitate the Pentagon in 1967, people took it as a Yippie lark, a stage show. However, Anger was ensconced under a truck, busily drawing magic circles, burning incense and chanting spells in Enochian-truly and seriously trying to do a real ritual exorcism. When plans for his film Lucifer Rising began to go astray-the lead actor (Bobby Beausoleil, later convicted of murder as a Manson family member)- had to quit; Anton Lavey of the Church of Satan had a cameo; he had an off and on relation with the Rolling Stones for soundtrack work, (eerily right before the Altamont tragedy); rough cuts and cameras were stolen by Beausoleil. (“To take his revenge, Anger made a magic talisman, one side of which was a likeness of Beausoleil, the other of a toad. On this was written: ‘Bob Beausoleil, turned into a toad by Kenneth Anger.’ ” Beausoleil ended up in jail for life for murder within a year.)

In stepped Jimmy Page to do the soundtrack. This was the start of a love/hate relationship between Anger and Page. The music Page produced was genuinely creepy (some showed up on In Through the Out Door as the intro to In the Evening.) Anger moved into Boleskine and they shared their love of Crowley memorabilia.  Anger was eventually asked to leave Page’s house where he had been living  as the relationship degenerated and Page pulled out in 1975. Anger did a major flame job in the media publicly, but privately said he had cursed Page and Zep with one monster of a spell, the hugest psychic whammy he could conjure, replete with the worst Crowleyisms he could muster.  This is where shit really started to go south.

First Robert Plant was in yet another horrific car crash, plunging off a cliff in Greece in 1975, nearly killing himself, his wife and child Karac. This forced a cancellation of the remainder of the Physical Graffiti tour, and postponed the recording of Presence, which Plant was forced to record in a wheelchair.  The make up tour was then plagued by a plethora of highly negative events. A sudden case of laryngitis for Plant after the band had shipped all of their equipment and instruments to the States meant zero rehearsing was possible. Ticketless fans in Cincinnati rioted and stormed the gates (oddly the site of the infamous trampling incident at the Who two years later that killed eleven), In San Francisco, manager Peter Grant and John Bonham roughed up Bill Graham and nearly beat a Bill Graham employee to death-Bonham and Grant narrowly escaped serious charges and incarceration. Then Karac got sick. the best physicians  money and private jets could buy all had the same answer-‘we have no idea what is wrong’. He passed away in 1977 right after the Graham incident, and as the band arrived in New Orleans, they got the news.  The tour was immediately canceled. Plant quit the band and music in response to Page and Jones not showing up to his son’s funeral. Zeppelin truly seemed cursed.Things continued to implode. Page was nearly comatose on a daily basis from a crippling heroin addiction. Bonham’s alcoholism raged out of control, and he became increasingly violent and unpredictable.  In 1978, Sandy Denny, the goddess of Battle of Evermore plunged drunkenly down a flight of stairs and broke her neck and died. Finally, in  September 1980, John Bonham was sent home blisteringly drunk from a band rehearsal. Handlers tucked him in bed, he’d only drank 40 or so shots, he would be fine. Incorrect. He died in his sleep, and so did Zeppelin. The curse had cut a swath through the band in under five years. Only Jon Paul Jones, the only one not to sign the supposed pact, remained unscathed.

When all is said and done, it is pretty easy to chalk all of the above up to circumstance and chance. Eerie circumstances, but nevertheless, a round of odd coincidences. Page had said several times in interviews that he was ‘using a system that worked’ when asked about Crowley. Clearly occult practices were genuinely involved on some level, and some creepy and frightening personages dance in the background of the story. Anger does seem to be a demonstrable potential curse source.

Personally?  I am not so sure. Things started to backfire just as the band became the worldwide legends they had tried to magically invoke. Perhaps Kenneth Anger’s whammy curse was something that tipped things already in motion. Perhaps Page had violated the fourth pillar of O.T.O. commandments ‘To Be Silent’ by dropping some larger hints as to what he was into in his 1970’s interviews, which drew some commensurate magickal actions. But this is the thing that gets me–when so called ‘black magicians’ mess with this stuff, they usually do a protective spell on themselves for extra safety. Because black-ish magic is notorious for either backfiring or not working in the way it was supposed to. Collateral damage around events associated with this behavior is well known. But Page’s extra level of spell could be simple, like “make sure nothing happens to me”. And looking back on Page’s career since 1980: his level of heroin addiction, lack of production musically (ignoring the Firm), failed Zeppelin reunions, and general dearth of accomplishments after nearly two decades of brilliance….it gives me pause. Nothing, literally nothing has happened to him. Good or bad. Just as it was phrased. And a fairly decent body count to go along with it is just enough to make you wonder. Really wonder.

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  1. This is a really good article. I’m familiar with Crowley and Anger, but not so much with the history of Led Zeppelin. Although, Crowley was not as “evil” as he’s made out to be in the popular press, he’s no one to follow blindly. I don’t advocate him. The excessive drug use by Page, Plant and Bonham opened the door for the negative forces/entities to take them down. You’re right about John Paul Jones, who as wise to keep his distance from the Crowley thing and know when to quit drugs. He’s come out the best of all the players mentioned.

    As for the “curse” by Kenneth Anger, it most likely had some effect. From sources I know, Anger is a difficult person to live with and Page was not the first nor last person to give give him the boot. He’s had some tough times since the curse, so some blowback hit him. Though, he probably used some protection spells and his not being strung out on drugs helped buffer the come back effect of the black magick he used. At 88 he’s still functioning.

  2. The ritual story is a myth about the band but what is the source of your information? (You have listed no references or notes). If it is Hammer of the Gods, that is a poor source. If it hearsay, you are simply spreading rumors.

    1. Hi George and Michael-
      Thank you for your comments. Michael: Interesting update on Anger. Your analysis of the magical end is spot on. George: This article is sourced from a myriad of places-a variety of books that had different pieces of the story, rock magazines of the era, and interviews with those who were in the periphery of the events. Things like this are rarely dicsussed openly, it is the nature of the beast. But this is far from spreading rumors. Thanks for reading.

      1. Fascinating and very well written article, I often scan articles but I was enthralled and read every word. My only criticism is that you really should cite as many of your sources as possible so people (like George) don’t wonder. Thanks for this great piece!!

      2. I always wondered what the M 69 on Page’s pants meant. Its located on the left side above the leg on the black suit he wore in the early years of Zeppelin. Any idea?

  3. I think that is probably the most balanced and rational article I have read on the whole Zeppelin, Page, Occult rumours. Any internet search will reveal out right denial to the most hysterical claims of any link between Zeppelin and the occult, and this article strikes a balance. All the evidence discussed in this article can be readily sourced from a myriad of different documents, interviews, books, etc.

    On a personal level I find Page as an individual fascinating, and like all celebrities there is the public and private persona, Page will talk and get animated about his music, rightly so, it is his passion, but apart from answering two questions on a french chat show in the 80s/90s, with a very fixed smile, he has never talked about his beliefs in public to my knowledge.

    My personal conclusion is twofold.
    Admire and enjoy the music, whether it was occult inspired or not, enjoy the beauty and creativity of the music.
    What ever did or did not happen is almost immaterial and none of our business, the parties involved made their life choices and have to live with the consequences, like we all do……God Bless ’em!

  4. Aliester was merely communicating telepathically through his brain with alien beings and those who were deceased in order to receive insight from the lessons of man’s blood thirsty ways during the first and second world wars. He was hardly evil. He was just labeled evil because of 666. He was for enlightenment of mankind.

  5. Aleistar Crowley gives me the creeps,anyone who worships the devil must be bad,the devil likes to trip people up and loves when bad things happen to them,he comes to kill,lie steal an destroy,he is the deciever, and he loves to discuss as an angel of light…..Don’t even think about him,he is a loser and will be defeated in the end

    1. YOu know absolutely nothing about Mr. Crowley, either do a little research on a subject before you talk shit or just keep it to yourself dummy.

      1. he was called the most evil man of his time and did ritualistic human sacrifice and cannibalism I have read plenty

      2. he reveled in the publicity of being called the most evil man of his time, as it was an exaggeration that brought him attention. Cannibalism? Human sacrifice? I’m afraid you cannot find that written anywhere. He’s no saint, but do not believe things that have no evidence to back them up is usually a wise take.
        Thanks for reading!

      3. Brilliant! This guy needs to write a book- “Art of A Wise Reply” Just outstanding. Give him a gold trophy he can name for himself!

  6. Funny, I started listening to stairway just as I started reading this, and i finished reading the last sentence as the final notes rang out… eerie.

  7. I pulled out my original copy of Led II and I found “So Mote it Be” on one side and “Do What Thou Wilt” on the other just as the author stated. Since I had not known this before I was amazed. Also noticed Crowley image on the top center on the front. The rotatable disc is more than I can comprehend, and the rest of the cover is now…what? hummingbirds, dragonflies, butterflies and walnuts??

  8. Occult knowledge

    This exist
    I had affair With black ” magiciens”
    I had affair With black ” magiciens”, they exist
    They are assholes using their science to have what they want.
    For led Zeppelin i don’t know.

  9. The root cause to all bands demise is drug addiction. I personally know addicts who actually think not being able to afford the habit is their reason for dropping. I hear “if I were Rich or a rock star I could afford the dope and be fine”. But there is a reason great bands break up and it’s usually be of the dope. The Beatles got along fine writing songs together before the drugs started. Addiction took such a toll on page that he never really done anything after Zeps collapse. I’m not going to talk religion because it’s too hit or miss as everyone has their own spiritual beliefs or none at all. Curse? I can’t say as the drugs really drove Page to places it was hard coming back from. Whether it be rituals or his passions. One mainstay that no one ever wants to mention in full is the alcohol and heavy drug use. Page had one hell of a heroin problem and Bonham drank more than Bin Scott, Slash or the entire Metallica band combined. It was also an addiction he had as much as page’s heorin. All the magic bs is more than likely a big coincidence that ultimately made the dope and booze take a back seat in what the real problems were. As I tell those addicts who think they can do it being rich.. sure, you may become famous, but the harder you fall. Page looks to be doing well these days, and for the mystique of it will never denounce his magical roots as the downfall. But those drugs did him in. It’s happened to many talented music acts. Elvis, Layne Staley, bonham, bon Scott, hendrix and the list goes on. But one things for certain the band should have stayed in their Tolkien inspirational days. They made better music before the occult bs Started.

    1. Dr. Lonny Shavelson found that 70% of female heroin addicts had been sexually assaulted in childhood.

      I don’t really think we have a drug problem.

  10. This is a great article. Like everyone else, I was well aware of Page’s fascination and dabbling in the occult but I was not aware of this pact that Page, Plant and Bonham entered into. As was pointed out in the article, Page has done nothing for decades and while Plant has had very little success (only w/ Alison Krause), John Paul Jones, the one member who refused to participate in the pact, has remained unscathed. But what wasn’t pointed out is that John Paul Jones is the one member who has had a very fulfilling career post Zeppelin, collaborating with many artists on multiple projects. It’s also notable that when Plant first teamed up with Alison Krause in 2008, he made a passing light hearted remark “it’s time to go back to Church”. Granted Plant was just being in the moment but when contrasted with what this pact cost him, Page and Bonham, it is interesting to note that this was the first and only success he’s had since Zeppelin. People who play around with these things don’t realize the extreme danger they put themselves in because it opens a door to the demonic realm and allows evil spirits control over their lives. Conversely, when a person yields to the power of the Holy Spirit, there is absolute power over these evil things.

    1. “People who play around with these things don’t realize the extreme danger they put themselves in because it opens a door to the demonic realm and allows evil spirits control over their lives. Conversely, when a person yields to the power of the Holy Spirit, there is absolute power over these evil things.”

      Exactly that’s how it is. Very good explanation right to the point. Unfortunately more and more plp think this is all bogus and fun and get interested in esoterics and that “light” stuff – but it is nothing light except occultism light, which will finally lead to a bad ending.

      1. Ppppppfffff. Piffle. Absolute drivel. My god, all the peeps making these asinine comments should hit their elementary logic and science books. Rational thought anyone?

      2. Don’t forget that there is much more in the world and the universe than is contained in an elementary logic or science book. Which in the end, is quite logical, and rational. Dismissing comments as asinine from folks whose only fault is knowing more about something than you do is not necessarily a show of wisdom. Thanks for reading.

  11. I recommend Crowley only to those of extreme strength and purity. He has enough traps in his books to destroy the ordinary. My wife doesn’t like him. And she is probably correct in her attitude. I have explained some of the traps to her.

    Of the hundreds with an interest in AC I have met, only one had the purity and strength to make use of of the knowledge gained. A young lady called Kathy.

    BTW Crowley was notorious for the suicides of his mates. But it may also have had something to do with his being a British agent. And the traps in his books were no doubt convenient for blackmail.

  12. I found this an interesting, informed and informative,non hysterical dealing with the common sense side of the curse well done, thanks .

  13. This sounds crazy, but I’ve heard that someone found aelister crowleys eyes and teeth stuck to a wall. I’m trying so hard to find out more about his death but it is impossible to find any information. If someone knows any info or a place to find information about his death please email me at: I’d really appreciate it.

    1. Mean old Devil
      Taught me to weep and moan
      I said that Mean old Devil
      He taught me to weep and moan
      Cause when he gives you something Baby
      Your soul is no longer your own
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      A whoo hoo a whoo hoo a whoo hoo
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  14. I used to love Zeppelin as a kid (im only 30 now and sober) but i remember being on this crazy acid trip watching The Song Remains the Same DVD and i remember i got super scared and hid in the bathroom until the DVD was over lol.

    Granted i’ve done acid many many times, i have high mentality, as in i dont get scared easily. I even watched crazy horror movies on acid and got scared sometimes. But there was maybe this 1 horror movie and then this DVD that i remember actually genuinely being afraid.

    I dont know why i was afraid of watching this DVD, i mean i listened to so all this rock n roll all the time and i was always trolling my friends on acid, i never had a bad trip or anything but i felt resistance when watching Zeppelin. Thank God i live a more interesting life now lol.

    Very interesting article and i could say the same, that maybe alot of this is true or maybe not, maybe all of is true to some extent. Hard to know but Jimmy Page was in the occult apperantly huh, wow that is some crazy read man.
    Im more leaning into believing this ofc and i have zero desire to listen to them anymore if this is true.

  15. This article is absolute nonsense. Their is no factual evidence to anything written. Bonham was not taken home, he died in pages home in a guest bedroom and was found by a roadie the next morning. Literally every other thing here is just rubbish lol, where did you get this stuff? From people who told people? My question mainly lays within the Anger theory that he cursed the band. The true tabloid says he cursed them with the king Midas curse. How can you not as easily find that as I have? Yet you release this shit for people to find and tie an amazingly talented group into fucking bullshit nobody can produce any proof of.

    1. Sorry to hear you disagree Troy. None of this is rubbish though, and you perhaps need to read up more on both magick and Led Zeppelin. Also you may have missed many things in there that should lead the curious to do some thinking and deeper reading about some pretty eerie events. Thanks for reading

  16. A good reference to when Page asked the band to perform the ritual would be appreciated. “…This is the time when supposedly Page asked the band to perform a magical ritual with him, a ritual that would bring the band power unimaginable”.
    You state this immediately following the reference to the Plant having the Aston Martin fall on him crushing his ribs. Is the time period you are referencing? Is hammer of the Gods the source of this ritual request to the rest of the band? Do you have an assumption of what KIND of ritual? And WHY it would bring negative karmic blowback to the band? I find that overlooking the role Magick had in the creativity and possitive creative forces at play an oversight.

    1. Hello Theeye-thanks for reading and your comment. As I’ve said earlier, Hammer of the Gods isn’t the source for anything in here. The positive forces magick would have had on Zep, I’d assumed that part was self-evident in the music? The Aston Martin incident would be around the time period, yes. As for why a ritual asking for power would bring karmic blowback, many students of magick would have the answer. Don’t forget the curse Anger threw at Page, and publicly so.

  17. Ok ok, sorry, ignore the karmic blowback comment and yes I’ve read tons on the Kenneth Anger fallout with Page, I find the episode petty considering what Page was doing for him overall (giving him a space and equipment to edit on, cameo in the film, music for the film) simply not worth dropping him and or karmically worth the results people claim. His book Hollywood Babylon reads like an occult Perez Hilton. My wife would have asked me to kick his ass out too, if he brought people uninvited around the house while he was staying there as a guest.

    What I’m most interested in is 1) What is the source of Page asking the band to perform a ritual with him?
    2) What time period roughly? ie Summer 69, Fall 68, During or before a specific tour would be ideal.
    3) And Where.
    4) If you know the ritual… even better.

    This is the text I’m specifically referring to in your post.

    “…This is the time when supposedly Page asked the band to perform a magical ritual with him, a ritual that would bring the band power unimaginable and something akin to everlasting life. … It supposedly involves forces with powers beyond any human imagination, and is not to be trifled with by anyone not steeped in mountains of experience, certainly not for novice magi or stoned guitarists.(The oracle at Delphi giving mixed prophecies is a good ancient example). Blame hubris, blame drugs, but Page allegedly got the band, minus one, to join in this solemn and ancient ceremony. Jon Paul Jones was either skeptical enough or learned enough to stay far away.”

    Thanks in advance

    1. Hi theeye-
      Good observations on Anger. I agree.
      The tale of the curse and ritual were circulating in the early 80’s, long before Hammer of the Gods came out. Sources here are from hundreds of articles in UK and US music magazines in my collection.Other sources are private interviews with musicians of the era, radio people and music industry people who had various parts of the story. I’ve researched this on and off for over two decades.
      The where it happened? Since Page was associated with OTO in the UK, signs would point there as the most likely. However, Zep’s affinity with LA in 69, an OTO lodge in LA that was approved by Crowley before his death, and the Process being active in California in 1969 would mean that LA as a location could still be an outside possibility. I’d lean towards their homeground as the location.
      When is easier. In between Zep II and Zep III is when Page’s Crowley fascination became above boards in some interviews. If one wants to use the perceived blowback on Plant in Feb and April 1970, it would point to a time from late 1969 to January 1970.
      The spell would only be known to Page. I’d doubt he shared anything more than rudimentary details with his bandmates…. 😉

  18. There’s a lot of interesting theories in here … not sure how much I believe in the validity of those theories, but it certainly begs for contemplation.

    When I was in my late teens — and a huge fan of Zeppelin — I was shopping at a strip mall in OC called “The Buena Park Shopping Center”. I walked into a shoe store, and saw a dude wearing pants that had embroidery all over them. What caught my eye was that the symbols embroidered on his pants looked very similar to what Jimmy Page wore on his concert outfit when I saw Zep in 1977.

    So I approached this dude and chatted him up about his pants.

    He told me that his name was George Gubelli … and that he had made Jimmy’s clothes for him !! I was amazed, but skeptical … so as we continued talking, George eventually pulled out his wallet and showed me pics of him standing with Jimmy Page !!

    That convinced me he was the real deal !!

    I remember asking George what meaning the symbols (worn by Jimmy Page) had … and he told me that they were chosen specifically by Page. He said Page had provided him with books and drawings to illustrate exactly which symbols he wanted … except for the Serpent. The Serpent, which was also on George’s pants, was one of George’s original creations. Surprisingly, one of the photos George showed me had Jimmy Page holding an early “draft”of embroidered-pants with that same Serpent on it, as well as a couple other symbols. This was, according to George, an early prototype for what would become the final piece which Page wore in concert. (George said he made mutliple sets of the final “outfit” for Page)

    I asked George about the books Jimmy provided for the remaining symbols. He only remembered one book specifically … a book by Aleister Crowley. The other sources for symbol images were photocopies and drawings … but the Crowley book was an actual book with paper clips marking the pages with the desired symbols.

    I never researched any of Crowley’s books for images that matched what was on Jimmy Page’s concert outfit, but I think that would be interesting to see if there is a connection. It might be a way to interpret what meaning those symbols had.

    George offered to embroider some pants/shirt for me, but the price was too high for my budget at that time … so I took his card and told him I would give him a call when I was ready to proceed,

    I kept that damned card for years … intending to follow thru at some point when I had an extra $500 to blow.

    I never got around to contacting George before I eventually lost my wallet which had his card in it. So that was the end of that. But I always remembered his name. That was the closest I ever got to meeting anyone in the Zeppelin circle.

    I’ve always believed, with conviction, that Jimmy Page was immersed in the Occult … and that it had a significant influence/impact on the music they produced. Perhaps on the success they had too !!

    Jimmy Page has a website where he sells books and merch … and I used to subscribe to it. A couple years ago, he began selling T-Shirts with silkscreened imagery on them that read “Lucifer Rising”. That was a deal-breaker for me … I cancelled my subscription when I saw that. I just didn’t feel good about the whole Lucifer promotion … and I didn’t want to be associated with it. But it’s interesting to note that, in your article above, you mention that the movie Page was collaborating on (with Kenneth Anger) was supposed to be titled “Lucifer Rising”.

    Anyway, I’ve come to a point where I just separate the whole occult thing from the music. There are those who might say the two are related … but for me, they are separable. I believe Zeppelin was 4 extraordinary musicians, each with their own genius/talents, and what they created together stands apart from what they believed/practiced in their private lives. I certainly don’t allow the music to color my beliefs on any cognitive/spiritual level … and for me, that’s the bottom-line.

    Jimmy Page was an incredible artist … and the art he helped create is-what-it-is. I admire it, enjoy it, and always will appreciate it … but I do not judge him, or his music, for what his motivations/beliefs were when he created it.

    Nor do I endorse those beliefs, if in-fact they are immersed in anything-to-do-with the occult. That’s just creepy to me 😉 But it is nevertheless interesting to read about the connections people have theorized about between Page and the occult.

    As they sang in ‘Stairway To Heaven’ … “It Makes Me Wonder”.

    Rock on !!

  19. Great article, I’m a Christian and Led Zeppelin has been my favorite band for years…it’s always upset me how into the occult they were, but I didn’t know the details. That said in recent years I haven’t been able to listen to them as much, as their music can make me feel dark. So I listen in moderation, and switch it if it’s making me feel off. Another thing I should point out is I have done a LOT of armchair research into spiritual warfare, false belief systems, and SRA for a few years now so everything occult related in this article I am well aware of. I will keep my post on topic, but I find it very frustrating how stubborn people are about spiritual stuff, curses included. People are literally brainwashed into following science religiously, without question, when all (true/honest/observable) science is, is limited human knowledge based off the study of creation. For example macro evolution is not true science as it is not observable the way micro evolution is, and actually has ties to the occult. There is a lot of deception in our world, rooted in the spiritual realms but also linked through human elites. The bible states very clearly in Ephesians ” 12 For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.”. I’m not going to go into a religious/spiritual debate here, but that’s crystal clear evidence in scripture that these forces are real and that “our struggle” is against them. People can call the bible a fairy tale all they want, but the spiritual forces spoken about in it’s pages have been experienced by countless people, and there’s no way all of those testimonies are lies. For the entire Armor of God verse this is from, see Ephesians 6:10-18. To put this into perspective even messing with a Ouija board can bring about demonic attack, manifestations, and/or dark influence into someone’s life. These guys were messing around with Crowley’s teachings which are as satanic as you can get, IN his mansion where horrible things happened. If you look into his beliefs, Crowley considered child rape and murder to be the most powerful kind of sacrifice….but people go “Oh no..that’s just rumors…he didn’t actually DO those things..”..he didn’t? Just because it’s unthinkable and detestable to us doesn’t mean it is to an occultist. Why is it that something like SRA (Satanic Ritual Abuse) is a real thing, but it’s believed that Crowley (the father of modern day satanism) would NEVER abuse and murder a child? The man was insanely evil, period. Unfortunately many people don’t take this stuff seriously until it’s too late, and demons don’t play fair. That’s a BIG part of how the demonic works, tamper with the occult yourself, but whatever is unleashed often attacks the family the most, not you…like what happened to Plant’s son dying. That man must have a lot of hurt and regret in him, that is just so heartbreaking. People should also look into the back-masking/playing Zeppelin songs in reverse, some people say the back masking is a hoax, or not possible because of this or that, or the band members did it intentionally in the recording room….yet when you look into paranormal research there is a clear connection between demonic energy and electricity, things like EVP (electronic voice phenomenon), and in satanism the devil is associated with lightning, as Lucifer fell like lightning from heaven. Look at the reoccurring lightning symbolism in the music industry, to name a few- David Bowie, Kiss, Metallica, AC DC …that’s just to name a few. It’s in moves/TV too. The most recent example I can think of off the top of my head is the third season of Twin Peaks (The Return) released around 2017. In this series (and in the 90s Twin Peaks film Fire Walk With Me), the evil force in the story is made of electricity. Twin Peaks as a whole is FULL of occult stuff (great show but I’m going to call a duck a duck, it’s saturated with the occult) . All this said, there is no denying how great Led Zeppelin’s music is, and I won’t throw the baby out with the bathwater. Satan can not create things like artistic gifts, he can only warp or counterfeit what’s already been created by God . I’m an artist myself (professionally), I am mainly a sculptor and design my own characters, my dad is a musician. We have had our gifts since we were very young children, those are gifts from God. Artistic gifts come from the Creator, it’s heartbreaking so many sell themselves out to the devil when everything TRULY good they ever had came from God. Fame, addiction, and pride is not the path God ever offered anyone.

    1. A fundamental lack of understanding in typical Armchair, or Brainwashed Christian, fashion. Well played.

    2. Remember, one cannot exist without the other. Good goes hand in hand with evil, and both sides draw an incredible amount of admirers. Only the truly enlightened know which direction is best for them.

  20. Every now and then I come back to this page as it contains so much information about the LZ case….
    Now, I found something about the symbols I would like to share:

    I know, the link is pretty obvious and the search was easy, but I found it interesting, and it is not at all unlikely.

    Thanks for this article, carwreckdebangs!

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