Is Beck a Scientologist? Yes


This may be news to some, but the answer to the above question isn’t ‘when did Beck start dabbling in Scientology?’ but more correctly ‘when wasn’t he dabbling in Scientology?’. The first hints came in 2001 in a short mention on Page Six of the New York Post that said that he may be associated with Scientology. There was no further mention in later issues. But then four years later, Beck outed himself in 2005 as a practicing Scientologist. Much of this information quietly was exposed in early 2002 by a little known reality show/comedian. And who was this investigative genius that was years ahead of the curve? Aussie TV comedian/celeb/jack of all trades John Safran. HIs show Music Jamboree, which aired on Australian television for 10 episodes in 2002 is a must watch experience for anyone who has worked in a record store, performing band, music industry or is just a fan of rock music. Picture the film High Fidelity turned into a comedy/documentary hybrid version of 60 minutes.  Each episode had one investigative piece, and episode six featured Safran in a short but effective outing of Beck as a Scientologist.

Well what are the facts? As noted by Safran, the hints are all in the Beck album Midnite Vultures (2001). HIs bassist Justin Meldal Johnsen is the son of noted Scientologist Trevor Meldal-Johnsen, author of the book Scientology and You, an early (1955) book explaining the then relatively new philosophy. Justin has most recently been the bassist in Nine Inch Nails. Whether this endangers Trent Reznor’s inner Thetans is unknown at this time. Strings on the album are arranged by David Campbell, a composer who not only had his own work on Scientology albums of L Ron Hubbard’s songs, but has done arrangements for a cornucopia of rock artists throughout the years, just check out this all star list of artists-Aerosmith, Metallica, Art Garfunkel, Alice Cooper, Leonard Cohen (another little known Scientologist), Rolling Stones, Linda Ronstadt, Cracker, Manowar, Bon Jovi, Green Day, Duran Duran, Kiss, Macy Gray, Nelly Furtado, Billy Joel, My Chemical Romance, Radiohead, Kid Rock, Linkin Park, Miley Cyrus, Black Sabbath….pretty much everyone on a major label who needed strings. This isn’t to say these are all Scientology related bands, but what is this obviously powerful major label player’s relation to Beck? He is Beck’s biological father, something that Beck’s Geffen label  kept hidden for a long time.

So lets recap: Beck’s bassist? Scientologist. Beck’s bassist’s dad? Scientologist. Beck’s string arranger and dad? Scientologist. Beck? Scientologist. Since this movement is supposed to be so great, why has Beck’s label gone to such lengths to keep his affiliation secret for so long? Let’s leave that to the conspiracy researchers to unearth any darker threads to this alien Thetan infiltration of our entertainment industry. And let’s keep a watch on Trent Reznor for signs his mitichlorian count oops I mean Thetan count is not out of control.



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