Welcome to the Jungle


This blog will be devoted to music, madness and sundry literary devices. I will also be posting regular album reviews of past and present masterpieces and past and present large steaming turds. Heck, let’s start today. Here for your listening pleasure is  Onward, the most recent Hawkwind album. Is it worth dropping $35.00 on the vinyl like I did? You decide:

HAWKWIND-Onward (Rock Classics, May 2012)

I was wary purchasing this album, as the previous lp Blood of the Earth showed signs of minimal participation by Capt Brock. This time around Dave Brock has receded further to the sideboards leaving new members an enlarged role, and not to the benefit of the album. There are only a few decent tunes here, and the strong stamp of Hawkwind’s power is generally absent. Five of the songs are remakes of previous Hawkwind tunes, one of their recent unfortunate tricks used to pad out albums to full length. Not one of their recycled versions adds anything to the original. As far as the new material goes, nothing here is going to be a staple in their live sets, as there are zero memorable tunes in this 17 song assembly. The production leans towards heavy compression, which makes every single instrument the same volume, and gives a false sense of clarity while sacrificing any dynamics that could have been present in the music. Even the album art feels generic. Listen before buying, for completists only.



Okay, done. Now you decide if I wasted 35 bucks or not. I already sold my copy if you need a hint.


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